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Horton Music Parents Chair - Paul Maxnerpaul.maxner@gmail.com
Horton Music Parents Associationhortonmusicparents@gmail.com

2018/19 Music Department Registration

The registration process is for ALL STUDENTS involved in music at Horton, whether in a Music class (grade 9 through 12) or in an extra- or co-curricular ensemble.


Please have the form submitted by the end of September

FAQ for new music students

HERE is a sheet with questions that Grade 8's often have when they are deciding whether to take Music 9. Contact the director if you have any other questions!


Managing information for 200 students is an onerous task. To help with this, the Music Parents Association is using the program 'Charms'. The students each have log-in credentials to access information about their instrument assignments, their rehearsal attendance, uniform assignments, and their financial standing (including trip accounts) Parents should feel free to log in and check things out. The "Student Area Password" is unique for each student. Contact me through email if you need help.  Log in at https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/parents.asp?username=HortonHSMusic. 

If your student misses a rehearsal, an email goes out to all the emails on file for that student. To make sure you are getting your emails, please log-on to Charms and add your email. I apologize for  missed-rehearsal emails that get sent out in error. Students sometimes forget to sign in, and I sometimes forget to mark them excused when they have told me they are going to miss a rehearsal. Just remind me with an email. 

Rehearsal Attendance

Logistics are a real pain, aren't they? Trying to get different students to different places, at the same time can be next to impossible. I understand. I am just moving out of that stage in my life, and I actually sometimes miss the frantic-ness of it all. 

I will endevour to keep the rehearsal schedule as up-to-date as possible, in an effort to keeep things moving smoothly. Morning rehearsals will start with a 'down-beat' of 7:30. This means that the students should be in their seats, warming up, with all their equipment, at 7:30. Which usually means arriving at around 7:20 for the instrumental groups, and 7:25 for the choirs. 

If you are a student and you are reading this, go to Mrs Greene and say something like it takes 5 minutes to get ready, and I'll reward your efforts. 

When I email home about missed rehearsals, I'm not trying to be a bug...I just want the students to know that I am paying attention, and that we notice when they are not there. Even if a student "knows all the music", and especially if they know all the music, their presence at rehearsals is vitally important. I should feel good to be needed and wanted! 

Registration Form for 2017/18

The HMPA on-line registration for is HERE

The Director

Kay Greene has been teaching music, either privately or within the public school system, since 1993. She started studying music in 1971, when she first picked up the oboe, and has never looked back. She has Bachelor degrees in both Music and Education, as well as a Masters degree in Education, focusing on secondary music education. She is currently finishing a Masters of Education in Information Technology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Kay has performed with the Acadia University Wind Ensemble and is frequently called upon to perform in ensembles in the Valley and in Halifax. She loves to play with community theatre groups and can often be heard in the pit orchestra during productions by Stage Prophets Theatre Company and Qwick as a Wink Theatre. She has four adult children, two dogs, and lives in Centre Burlington, Hants County with her very hard working, supportive husband, Jim.


You can contact the director by emailing kgreene@gnspes.ca

Music Parents Association

The Music Parents Association is the driving force behind the very successful music program at Horton High School. The group meets on the first Monday of each month, planning and executing fund-raisers, developing support systems for the music director, and supporting the students in any way possible. The current Chair of this committee is Jeff Newbery. Every parent of every music student is a member of the Music Parents Association. Please consider volunteering to help on the executive; it is indeed a worthwhile endevour.


You can contact the Chair of the Committee through email, at jeff.newbery@avrsb.ca

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