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Kay Greenekgreene@gnspes.ca902-542-6060 ext 1229

Drama 10 Course Outline

Click here to read the Drama 10 Course Outline. 

Google Classroom - Course Codes

Students will be using Google Classroom to access their assignments, some assessments, class handouts, rubrics, and other important information. If a student cannot access this information at home, time will be given during class. Parents may have access to the Google Classroom platform upon request. Simply contact the teacher (kgreene@gnspes.ca) and it will be arranged. 

Drama 10 (Section 1) - 7e6am2g. This Section meets Day 1, period 1.

Drama 10 (Section 2) -  1mxcsca. This Section meets on Day 1, period 2.

Drama 11 (Section IP5)) -  t38ka6i. This Section meets on Day 1, period 2.

Drama 10 (Section 3) -  mkg947u. This Section is year-long. 


What is Drama 10 all about?

Drama 10 is an academic Arts course that is on the list of courses you can take for your required Arts course for graduation.

The bulk of your mark is for class participation, so you have to attend to pass.

You will have a few big projects - a monologue, a radio play and a class play.

You will reflect a lot....it's important.

If you can come to class, sit in a circle, play games, follow instructions, be respectful, join your peers, work as a team member, contribute according to your strengths, be willing to grow, and be willing to learn to take creative risk, you'll be great!

The Director

Kay Greene has been teaching music, either privately or within the public school system, since 1993. She started studying music in 1971, when she first picked up the oboe, and has never looked back. She has Bachelor degrees in both Music and Education, as well as a Masters degree in Education, focusing on secondary music education. She is currently finishing a Masters of Education in Information Technology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Kay has performed with the Acadia University Wind Ensemble and is frequently called upon to perform in ensembles in the Valley and in Halifax. She loves to play with community theatre groups and can often be heard in the pit orchestra during productions by Stage Prophets Theatre Company and Qwick as a Wink Theatre. She has four adult children, two dogs, and lives in Centre Burlington, Hants County with her very hard working, supportive husband, Jim.


You can contact the director by emailing kgreene@gnspes.ca

Music Parents Association

The Music Parents Association is the driving force behind the very successful music program at Horton High School. The group meets on the first Monday of each month, planning and executing fund-raisers, developing support systems for the music director, and supporting the students in any way possible. The current Chair of this committee is Jeff Newbery. Every parent of every music student is a member of the Music Parents Association. Please consider volunteering to help on the executive; it is indeed a worthwhile endevour.


You can contact the Chair of the Committee through email, at jeff.newbery@avrsb.ca

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